RIZE Literacy Training Center, Ltd.

What is RIZE Literacy Training Center?
RIZE Literacy Training Center is a non-profit organization in Zambia dedicated to
Reducing Illiteracy in Zambia with E-Learning.

Who founded RIZE Literacy Training Center?
RIZE was co-founded by Neboth Chalwe and Sarah Kelley.

Neboth ChalweNeboth Chalwe from Copperbelt, Zambia, is the seventh child in family of nine (6 boys and 3 girls). He is a Certified CISCO Computer Networking Technician, and has a diploma in Computer Systems Engineering and Hardware Maintenance from the Association of Business Managers and Administrators (AMBA) in the United Kingdom.

Neboth is currently the school administrator for Cidassy Academy School, a preschool in Lusaka. He is also a church secretary for Seventh Day Baptist Mission, Lusaka.

Neboth hopes to one day study his two passions of education (teaching) and music, and incorporate the two into his career. He has worked tirelessly over the past four years to make his vision of RIZE a reality.


Sarah KelleyDr. Sarah Kelley, from Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, is a pediatrician at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Sarah and Neboth met in the most unusual way, but then again, sometimes God likes to surprise us.

After sending a care package through her church to Zambia some ten years ago, Sarah received a hand-written thank you note from Neboth, who had been the random recipient of the gift. He included an email address in case Sarah wanted to respond, which she did.

They cultivated a friendship through email, and Neboth shared his dream of a program like RIZE. Sarah was very interested and the two worked together to create the idea of RIZE. The rest is history! Sarah is so very thankful for Neboth and his friendship and his including her in the creation of this wonderful organization

What is the vision of RIZE Literacy Training Center?
The vision of RIZE Literacy Training Centers is a dramatically increased number of literate people in Zambia’s disadvantaged communities, so that the residents of these communities can effectively help themselves, their families, and their society take part in national development.

Learning Center

How many locations of RIZE Literacy Training Centers are there?
Currently, RIZE has two centers in Lusaka, at Bauleni Primary School and at Cidassy Academy School in Mtendere East. There are over 30 students, from ages 6-55.

How do the RIZE students use e-learning for literacy?

Learning with an e-bookIn January of 2015, RIZE Literacy received a donation of five Microsoft tablet computers from Anil Balakrishnan of Terawe Corporation, a colleague of RIZE board member Dr. Diana Sharp.

This generous donation is allowing RIZE Literacy Training Center to explore the use of a new e-book creation and reading tool called Chekhov, created by the Literacy for Life partnership.

RIZE students also learn through other general features of the tablets.

How can I find out more information about RIZE Literacy Training Center?

For additional information, or to donate to the work of RIZE Literacy Training Center, contact Neboth Chalwe neboth.chalwe@yahoo.com

RIZE Literacy Training Center Board of Directors
Neboth Chalwe, Co-Founder (Zambia)
Dr. Sarah Kelley, Co-Founder (U.S.A.)
Jackson B. Kalipenta (Zambia)
Quistin Chalwe (Zambia)
Dr. Diana Sharp (U.S.A.)